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Why Won't My Dog Eat?

If your dog is refusing to eat, it can be very distressing if there's no explanation. Today our Tumwater vets are here to educate on the variety of reasons that dogs might refuse to eat.

Reasons Why Your Dog Won't Eat

Dogs are varied and sensitive creatures, just like people, there are a number of different reasons why a dog might refuse to eat.


If your dog is refusing to eat it could be a sign they are suffering from an illness including cancer, various systemic infections, pain, liver problems and kidney failure. While hardly a given refusal to eat is this serious, it's best to seek prompt veterinary care just in case.

Dental Disease

If your dog is refusing to eat, it might be because their mouth is in pain, discouraging them from chewing. Your vet can check for broken or loose teeth, severe gingivitis and even oral tumors.

Vaccination Side Effects

Vaccination protects pet dogs from a litany of horrible diseases, but they also often have mild side effects shortly after being administered. If your dog was recently vaccinated, that might be the explanation for why their appetite has disappeared.

Travel and unfamiliar surroundings.

Your dog might be refusing to eat if they are stressed out or feel unsafe, which is a common event after traveling far distances or if they are staying in an unfamiliar space. Some dogs also are prone to developing motion sickness while riding in a car, which may depress their appetite.

Are you concerned with your dog's refusal to eat? Contact our Tumwater vets to make an appointment and get your canine companion feeling their best again.

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